Dev team members


I am¬†Zachary Segall and I am a fourth year math/CS double major with a policy studies concentration. I’ve done research in the math and CS departments on data visualization, program synthesis, and educational games. I am interested in the intersections of technology, psychology, and social issues. I’m looking forward to working as the software developer on the Uncle Sam team and building a moving experience around the rich history.

Hi there! My name is Rachel Swoap  , and I will be the 3D Artist for the Uncle Sam project. I am double majoring in Computer Science and Studio Art, which is why creating a Virtual Reality experience felt like the perfect opportunity for me to explore. This past semester I was the Graphic Designer for an Artificial Intelligence tutoring game, doing research for a visiting Computer Science Professor. Summer of 2017 I am working at a company in Boston creating websites, focusing specifically on User Experience. I am quite passionate about Art and Computer Science, and plan on exploring both fields more. Here is a link to my online portfolio, so you can see a glimpse of the kind of artwork I create: