3D floor plan of a double-pen slave cabin

This week I had the chance to puzzle through my first big project. I decided to task myself with building a “3D Floor plan” of the double-pen slave cabin. It was my first time making something that wasn’t just a simple shape for experimenting, and I learned a ton. The most critical part of building the floor plan was trying to grasp the way the measurements work in 3ds Max. Once you set the measurements (inches, feet, decimal, fractional, etc), and you start creating an object, if you change the measurement settings your object gets all messed up. Continue reading “3D floor plan of a double-pen slave cabin”

Depicting the past and challenging identities

I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to travel to Louisiana over winter break. This was my first time in the state, and we saw and did so much. I learned a lot about how different people in the South portray slavery. This was essential, because it was one of the fundamental questions we needed to answer for our own digital project. Also we went to some pretty incredible restaurants- people who get to eat fish every single day have it real good.

You can’t go wrong with Catfish Perdu at The Chimes restaurant in Baton Rouge.

Continue reading “Depicting the past and challenging identities”